SW Trading Medical & Office Material Supplier Plc.
ኤስ ደብሊው ትሬዲንግ የህክምና እና የቢሮ እቃዎችና ቁሳቁሦች አቅራቢ ኃ/የተ/የግ/ማ

  • Diagnostic & Treatment Equipment’s
    Ultrasound, MRI, pumps,lasers,LASIK all surgical machines
  • Life Support & Laboratory Device
    CPM, ECG, EEG,incubators, anesthetic, heart-lung, ECMO
  • Office & Education Supporter Equipment’s
    Ventilators, Chair, Bed ,Shelf all related machines

ማንኛውም የህክምና,የትምህርት መርጃ እና የቢሮ እቃዎችና ቁሳቁሦችን በተመጣጣኝ ዋጋ እናከፋፍላለን ሁሌም ለደንበኛ እርካታ 24/7 እንሰራለን፡፡ በስልክ ወይም የሽያጭ ቢሮችን በመገኘት ይዘዙን ከኛ ጋ በመዎዳጀተዎ ይደሰታሉ፡፡

"Our ultimate goal is satisfaction to the extent to which our customer are happy with our products & services provided by us."
Mr. Samuel Andargachw, "General Manager"

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Medical Device

All type of Equipment’s necessary for medication.

Disability Material

Any disability materials for any type of age.

Laboratory Tool

Tools used in laboratory with good quality

Office Equipment

Ventilators, Chair, Bed ,Shelf all related machines


If you order many products


Any type of Equipment based on your order

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